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The Traveling Yarn Yogi

Knit A Rainbow - Kimberly McAlindin

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Class #1  Thursday 2/16/23 from 6:30 to 8:30 on Zoom

Substituting Yarns in Knitting Patterns

Have you ever wanted to use different yarn than a pattern suggests but don’t know where to start? Did you know that you can mix a fingering and a mohair and make DK weight yarn? In this class you will learn the different types of yarn, how to create thicker yarns mixing different weight yarn together and actually look at a written knitting pattern and change the type of yarn used. Kimberly McAlindin will guide you through all the questions you have about yarn substitutions and how to apply your newfound knowledge using her popular Knit A Rainbow pattern. This lecture (plus a bit of math) class will empower you by giving you real examples of how to use the yarn you choose for a pattern that may be written for a different weight yarn. In this class we will go over:

-the different weights of yarn


-how to create thicker yarns by mixing thinner yarns together

-how to look at a pattern to see if you can use a different weight yarn.

-answer any questions you may have about yarn substitutions. 

Bring paper, pencil and calculator.  The math that will be used on the pattern provided can be adapted to other patterns.  I took the class and got a lot out of it and have put it to work.

Class #2 Knit to Fit   Thursday, 3/16/23 6:30 to 8:30  on Zoom

Knit to Fit Class:

Knit to Fit was born from the many messages I received while working in a yarn shop asking me how I changed the patterns for knit sweaters to look so flattering on my body type.

This class will teach you:
-how to measure your body to knit the correct size.
-ask class participants their personal issues and offer assistance.
-introduce a formula to change increases and decreases in knitting to change a pattern

Have paper, pencil, calculator and tape measure.  Will provide handouts.

All classes are on Zoom so that everyone will have a front row seat!  There will be time to ask questions.